The 5 Best Fonts

I’ve been a little busy lately. I have an upcoming wedding in 5 days, and while I assumed I could regularly write blog posts, I am ultimately bad at time management. There are stresses in one’s life, and then there is wedding stresses. So when I failed to deliver a blog post last Friday, one … continue reading →

BRADY REACTS to Teens Overreacting

There is an amazingly addictive YouTube Series entitled: Teens React. Basically, people perusing the internet, watch people on the internet, react to other people on the internet.  One episode of Teens React, produced by the dynamic Fine Brothers,|1| features 32 year-old Jeremiah McDonald interviewing his, former, 12 year-old self. The teens watch, and react, to … continue reading →

The Education of an Architect

Summer Break. Two words synonymous with school.  Summer is the best time of the year. But Summer Break? The original intent of summer break was for children to have a reprieve from school – only to go work on the farm. Today, parents of school age children frantically plan lengthy vacations during the summer months. … continue reading →