Welcome to Soapbox Architect. A blog focused on architecture, design, and improving the built environment.

As a 32 year old, I am classified within the millennial generation. Thus, I offer a younger perspective of the design world, and hopefully can offer guidance, observations, and transparency to improve the outlook of the architectural profession.

Quotes about Soapbox Architect:

“You’re calling it Soapbox Architect? Uh-oh that sounds like a lot of rants.”

-My Brother

Response to Quotes:

A soapbox is any platform to broadcast one’s passion, knowledge, and ideas. A blog is simply a modern day soapbox, and this is my platform (or perhaps an Eames chair). If you are passionate about cutting hair you might be a Soapbox Hairstylist; if you love fixing bicycles you might be a Soapbox Cyclist. Ultimately, this blog will focus on architecture and design and will be infused with humor and ramblings in numerous ill-fated attempts to improve our built environment.

If you have specific questions, or just do not feel like posting comments on my blog,
feel free to contact me directly: