Lost Utopias: Photographs by Jade Doskow

Nobody has ever done a compendium on the architectural vestiges of past World’s Fairs until Jade Doskow. I don’t know if this prior statement in true or not, but it is still a fantastic topic. World’s Fairs were global icons of architectural, scientific, and technological achievements. The Crystal Palace, The Eiffel Tower, The Space Needle, … continue reading →

Eco Living Japan: Sustainable Ideas for Living Green

Eco Living Japan

When an American Baby Architect, such as myself, thinks of Japanese Architecture, I think of how the role traditional Japanese art and architecture influenced Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene & Greene.|1| I think of harmony. Nature. The exquisite Japanese Gardens in Portland, where an ancient samurai with tweezers delicately plucks microscopic weeds out of the … continue reading →

Book Received: Architecture Visionaries

Geoff Manaugh is probably a literary-cyborg. Everywhere I look he is doing or writing something new. He was a former editor of Dwell magazine, didn’t last long as an (apparently) rogue editor-in-chief at Gizmodo, contributes to Wired UK, writes the incredible BLDG BLOG, taught at USC, somehow gets the (non)self-appointed nickname of Futurist, wrote one … continue reading →