Book Received: Architecture Visionaries

Geoff Manaugh is probably a literary-cyborg. Everywhere I look he is doing or writing something new. He was a former editor of Dwell magazine, didn’t last long as an (apparently) rogue editor-in-chief at Gizmodo, contributes to Wired UK, writes the incredible BLDG BLOG, taught at USC, somehow gets the (non)self-appointed nickname of Futurist, wrote one … continue reading →

The Material of Shadow

  I am usually fairly mild-mannered and don’t openly say that I love many things.|1| But I love architecture tours. Architecture tours give you insight into the thoughtful design of the architect and provide you with a more profound appreciation of the environments you are inhabiting. Therefore, I had a mild heart palpitation upon visiting … continue reading →

The Agrarian Pantheon

Why am I an architect? I already told the story of how I became an architect in the last #Architalks post. Therefore, here is the story of how my twin brother also became a (baby) architect.  I was born. Jeffery, always following in my footsteps, was born 20 minutes later. I made friends my age. … continue reading →