Architects Have Their Heads in the Clouds #ilookup

The American Institute of Architects recently hired The Purpose Institute to create the #ilookup campaign. The #ilookup campaign is a multi-media campaign that is supposed to reveal the importance of architecture. The Purpose Institute! Yep, amazing name. Perhaps if architecture had a name like The Purpose Institute we wouldn’t have an identity crisis, and we … continue reading →

(Denied) Laffy Taffy Submissions

Wheew.  Those 5 weeks of long-winded (yet highly-informative), job-seeking, big-boy-pants-wearing articles were exhausting. Part 1: Strategies for Seeking an Architecture Master’s Degree Part 2: Strategies for Acquiring a Job – or How 438 Job Applications Are Not Enough. Part 3: Strategies for Preparing Your Portfolio & Résumé Part 4: Invaluable Interview Techniques Part 5: Strategies … continue reading →

2015 – Q1 Website Analytics

Whoever claims that all people should write blogs should closely analyze their current commitments. Writing a blog is time-consuming and demanding. With the billions of people on the internet you might assume that you will have widespread viewership, yet you will probably only have 9 daily views – 8 of which are you re-reading your … continue reading →