Eco Living Japan: Sustainable Ideas for Living Green

Eco Living Japan

When an American Baby Architect, such as myself, thinks of Japanese Architecture, I think of how the role traditional Japanese art and architecture influenced Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene & Greene.|1| I think of harmony. Nature. The exquisite Japanese Gardens in Portland, where an ancient samurai with tweezers delicately plucks microscopic weeds out of the … continue reading →

Dear Boy in the Plastic Bubble,

Googling “Advice for Future Architects” – there is one link featuring nuggets of wisdom from 6 Starchitects. It would be inconceivable for my advice to be heralded above the likes of Zaha, Frank, Norman, Wolf D., Peter, or Bjarke. Therefore, this is an open letter to one specific type of architect: The Boy in the … continue reading →

The Masochistic Serpent Disappeared from Modern Architecture

Today’s post is about the fold, and topological surfaces. Both were exemplified by Zaha Hadid better than any other architect. After the tragic news of Zaha Hadid’s unexpected passing yesterday, this post is in honor of her work. Topological Surfaces Technology has created a new rift in our human interactions. Accessibility to the internet has … continue reading →