Vacuous Housing: Greek Columns

I am not the Aesthetic Police. But if you want to construct a house devoid of thought, sanity, or good aesthetic qualities: add Greek Columns. Indeed, the vacuous proliferation of Greek columns needs to be eradicated from our American architectural vocabulary. Greek, or Roman, columns are a fantastic (archaeological) architectural style. However, Greek columns erected … continue reading →

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Top 10 Lists

I usually hate Top-Ten Lists created by unoriginal bloggers (or media outlets) – puking out rubbish into the trash vortex of the internet sea. The content is usually not original, or thought-provoking, and solely is written to get “clicks”.  The goal of this blog was to obtain readers by providing informative (semi-original) content – plus … continue reading →

Brady Ernst – Family Man Since 08/01/2015

Before my wedding I had to slave away… working long hours… not taking lunch… but now I have a family. It is no longer Brady+Girlfriend+Cat = 0 It is now Brady+Wife+Cat = Family Man While my home life didn’t change, I have now been inducted into an exclusive work club that entitles me to certain … continue reading →