An Unnecessarily Deep Dive into the Online Comments of Mike_Smith

Architects were once regarded for their acumen to envision the future. The city of tomorrow! We are continually surrounded and immersed in architecture. From our houses, to the offices we work in, the strip-malls where we buy our discounted cotton socks, and the tiny shack in the middle of the lumber yard’s parking lot where … continue reading →

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Top 10 Lists

I usually hate Top-Ten Lists created by unoriginal bloggers (or media outlets) – puking out rubbish into the trash vortex of the internet sea. The content is usually not original, or thought-provoking, and solely is written to get “clicks”.  The goal of this blog was to obtain readers by providing informative (semi-original) content – plus … continue reading →

(Denied) Laffy Taffy Submissions

Wheew.  Those 5 weeks of long-winded (yet highly-informative), job-seeking, big-boy-pants-wearing articles were exhausting. Part 1: Strategies for Seeking an Architecture Master’s Degree Part 2: Strategies for Acquiring a Job – or How 438 Job Applications Are Not Enough. Part 3: Strategies for Preparing Your Portfolio & Résumé Part 4: Invaluable Interview Techniques Part 5: Strategies … continue reading →

Gmail Diatribe

I recently wrote a mildly informative article for recent architectural graduates titled: Strategies for Acquiring a Job – or How 438 Job Applications Are Not Enough. However, brevity is a skill I have not yet mastered. Gmail is my favorite email service and should be utilized by all people, not just job-seekers, but I didn’t … continue reading →