Cats Diversity in the Workplace

My last blog post discussed increased diversity in the workplace by means of expanded influences and alternate educational backgrounds. I was expecting to receive hoards of comments arguing for actual diversity: like race, sex, sexual preferences, or just other salacious statements arguing for increased sex in the workplace. Crickets… None of the tens of followers … continue reading →

Pritzker Prize University

With the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a proliferation of debates has ensued; however, recent revelations regarding Scalia’s views on diversity have gotten lost within Ted Cruz’s impractical filibustering. Most people viewed Scalia as a radical right-wing conservative. A Cliven Bundy character, caught in a standoff in opposition to governmental intervention. However, … continue reading →

Autodesk Revit: The Drawbacks of Passionless Panache in a Designer’s World

Autodesk is reminiscent of 1980’s Microsoft1 – software used by the masses, yet devoid of inspiration towards designers. However, unlike Microsoft’s ambitions to put “a computer in every home”, Autodesk’s aspirations are to put an annual subscription in every architectural office. Apple is credited for creating the first graphical interface for usability. Previously, to interact … continue reading →

Architect Arithmetic: Zaha Hadid

It has become a misconceived perception that architects need to be good at math.|1| However, Architects, typically, only need to know basic arithmetic. The following is a continuing series of Architect Arithmetic. This week’s Architect Arithmetic is in honor of: Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid must’ve been poked in the eye by a straight edge as a … continue reading →

(2015) Holiday Gift Guide for Architects

Most architects appreciate the thoughtfulness of well-crafted items; hence, they are nitpicky and can be extremely frustrating to shop for. Peering through their non-prescription black spectacles they constantly critique inferior design. However, all architects are relatively easy to shop for if you follow these 4 confined parameters. 1: Architects love books. 2: Architects love anything … continue reading →

What is Architecture…

Ever since last week’s #Architalks post I’ve been incessantly pestered with people telling me to talk about my first school project. “Brady, we know you hate decks, but PLEASE tell us about your first architecture school project!”  OK. I lied. That was a completely fabricated conversation from my blogging fantasy land.|1| No one has commented … continue reading →