Hello World! #myfirstTweet

bradyernstHow does one start their first blog post? I have blog ideas, but it seems impossible to just jump right in and post a brand new blog topic without any background or without anyone noticing that this is your first post.

WordPress presents you with your first default post declaring “hello world!”
I have never posted anything on twitter (@bradyernstAIA) yet they give me two default options, either: “Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet” or “Hello Twitter! #myfirstTweet”

Yet it seems mundane to have a blog post simply stating, “Starting a blog, please read my first post!” Because I have zero followers, no one will read this first post. Therefore, I am essentially writing to people reading this in the future. Thus, I will give a brief background of me and what this blog will encompass.

You can always go to the Welcome! page to gain a brief understanding of this blog, or if you want to see my personal page (complete with academic work!) you can visit bradyernst.com. Moreover, I am calling this blog: Soapbox Architect. A soapbox is any platform to broadcast one’s passion, knowledge, and ideas. A blog is simply a modern day soapbox, and this is my platform (or perhaps an Eames chair). If you love expressing your passion of cutting hair you might be a Soapbox Hairstylist, if you love fixing bicycles you might be a Soapbox Cyclist. Ultimately, this blog will focus on architecture and design and will be infused with humor and ramblings in numerous ill-fated attempts to improve our built environment.

But to be perfectly clear, the domain name soapboxarchitect.com was available and cost significantly less money to obtain than any premium domain name featuring architecture or design. (Although I am pretty sure I will obtain the domain ninja.architect when they introduce extra top-level domains.)

“Aghast! Will you just publish your first blog post already?”

–Hypothetical Anonymous

Don’t worry, I will upload my first blog post next Friday, and will continue to post on a bi-weekly (sometimes weekly) basis. But since you are reading this in the future, I already posted my first blog post many moons ago, and will continue posting future posts on Fridays. Why Friday? Because Tuesday seems like a dead spot in the week, and Build LLC posts their flawless blog on Tuesdays. So now you can have something to look forward to all week. Or read fresh posts on the weekend!

“So, what is this Soapbox Architect blog about?”

–Hypothetical Anonymous

What do Richard Neutra houses look like? It is impossible to encapsulate the full breadth of topics and ideas within a brief narrative. Sports journalists always use comparative analysis when naming an athlete’s traits. It is easier to compare a basketball player’s offensive prowess to “John Stockton” yet their wingspan and defensive attributes to “Scottie Pippen”.

Thus, this blog will:

  • Offer the lighthearted and personable posts of a (younger) Bob Borson, but with better spelling.
  • Achieve the transparency in architecture in (a vastly diminished) comparison to the collective wisdom of Build LLC or the Archispeak podcast.
  • Attempt (and most likely fail at) the insightful analysis of Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell speaking on design.

Overall I will get up on my soapbox (with limited rants) and write about the world of architecture and design in a transparent and creative manner, yet with footnotes.|1| 


1 Footnotes are included to create a sense of pomposity by appearing more academic, since hardly anyone actually reads the footnotes.

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