(Denied) Laffy Taffy Submissions

Those 5 weeks of long-winded (yet highly-informative), job-seeking, big-boy-pants-wearing articles were exhausting.

I always wanted to have my writing published, so I entered a lot of Laffy Taffy submissions. Yet they couldn’t guarantee that my jokes would solely be printed on Banana flavored wrappers.|1| Thus, all of my submissions were denied.

So I started my own blog, and now I am self-published. So the Jokes on you Laffy Taffy!

Therefore, here are some (denied) Laffy Taffy submissions to impart a little more 2nd Grade humour into this blog. 

Denied Laffy Taffy Submissions:
Why did the IBC manual leave his bride at the altar?
He got code feet.
Why did the Hearth fail Thermodynamics 101?
All the material flue over his head.
Why did the promiscuous Window Sill have to go to court?
For exposed flashing in public.
Why did the Rainscreen Wall require constant brushing?
He was furred.
What do you call a pair of females attracted to each other – and their boyfriends?
(I shouldn’t need to explain Laffy Taffy jokes, but the Laffy Taffy commission didn’t comprehend this one.|2| Therefore, read it similar to lumber sizes: 2x4s)
Why did the Double-Wythe Masonry Wall have to go to the dentist?
He had a cavity.




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1 Because Banana is clearly the best flavor!
2 That, and the average age of a Laffy Taffy joke committee member is probably 6½.

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