Gmail Diatribe

I recently wrote a mildly informative article for recent architectural graduates titled: Strategies for Acquiring a Job – or How 438 Job Applications Are Not Enough. However, brevity is a skill I have not yet mastered. Gmail is my favorite email service and should be utilized by all people, not just job-seekers, but I didn’t … continue reading →

Strategies for Acquiring a Job – or How 438 Job Applications Are Not Enough

The following is part 2 of a 5 part series to encapsulate every level a person may experience on their (post- bachelors) architectural journey. Part 1: Will focus on architectural students attempting to pursue their Master’s Degree. Part 2: Will focus on every strategy for getting a job within the architectural profession. Part 3: Will … continue reading →

Justice Is Served (Downstairs)

The Justice System and Architecture should be opposing foes. While most architects are law-abiding citizens, architecture students are taught to “break the rules.” Rules become merely guidelines put in place to impede great architectural ideas. Therefore, architecture students interpret the intent of these guidelines to better execute an all-encompassing design. Whereas, the justice system’s rules … continue reading →

The Potency of Potentillas

Wait! What is the opposite of potency? Impotence? Then that is what I meant.  Landscape Architects are the worst. And by extension, landscape designers, or homeowners that pretend to be landscape architects are the worst. I had a friend who rented a skid-steer loader1 to “improve” the landscaping around his house. He then proceeded to … continue reading →