I Hate Decks

The freshness of dew signals the endless possibilities of a new day. But your first dew experience – only taught you that your blanket gets wet sitting on the ground. This month’s #Architalks topic is My First Project. Such a juvenile premise. Everybody’s first project harkens back to a naïve wide-eyed experience. Regardless of the … continue reading →

Luis Barragán’s Jell-O® House

While in college, I had the pleasure to visit one of the most revered modern houses: Casa Luis Barragán. The house (and studio), located in the Tacubaya section of Mexico City, was designed by the Pritzker Winning architect Luis Barragán. Trained as an engineer, Luis Barragán became a revered landscape architect and architect – with … continue reading →

2001: A Space Architecture

Ever since the confirmed discovery of water on Mars, and the preceding hi-res images of Pluto, there has become a resurgence in space exploration not seen since my youth – when an astronaut still seemed like a career possibility.  There has even been talks of terraforming, and perhaps, colonizing our favorite red planet – Mars! … continue reading →

Senior Citizen, Architect

Facebook was bootstrapped as a technology startup that got its roots in a Harvard dorm room catering to millennials. Ever since, they have been trying to portray an image of “hip” by catering to a younger crowd; thus, that is why I think less of Facebook after following the status quo and choosing an octogenarian … continue reading →

Vacuous Housing: Greek Columns

I am not the Aesthetic Police. But if you want to construct a house devoid of thought, sanity, or good aesthetic qualities: add Greek Columns. Indeed, the vacuous proliferation of Greek columns needs to be eradicated from our American architectural vocabulary. Greek, or Roman, columns are a fantastic (archaeological) architectural style. However, Greek columns erected … continue reading →

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Top 10 Lists

I usually hate Top-Ten Lists created by unoriginal bloggers (or media outlets) – puking out rubbish into the trash vortex of the internet sea. The content is usually not original, or thought-provoking, and solely is written to get “clicks”.  The goal of this blog was to obtain readers by providing informative (semi-original) content – plus … continue reading →

Brady Ernst – Family Man Since 08/01/2015

Before my wedding I had to slave away… working long hours… not taking lunch… but now I have a family. It is no longer Brady+Girlfriend+Cat = 0 It is now Brady+Wife+Cat = Family Man While my home life didn’t change, I have now been inducted into an exclusive work club that entitles me to certain … continue reading →

Book Received: Architecture Visionaries

Geoff Manaugh is probably a literary-cyborg. Everywhere I look he is doing or writing something new. He was a former editor of Dwell magazine, didn’t last long as an (apparently) rogue editor-in-chief at Gizmodo, contributes to Wired UK, writes the incredible BLDG BLOG, taught at USC, somehow gets the (non)self-appointed nickname of Futurist, wrote one … continue reading →

The Material of Shadow

  I am usually fairly mild-mannered and don’t openly say that I love many things.|1| But I love architecture tours. Architecture tours give you insight into the thoughtful design of the architect and provide you with a more profound appreciation of the environments you are inhabiting. Therefore, I had a mild heart palpitation upon visiting … continue reading →