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I wanted to send you the most recent information regarding the University of San Diego. I know you have probably done a lot of research on your own, but just wanted to make you are thinking about San Diego today!

Located on a bluff overlooking downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean, the University of San Diego is not only a beautiful place to live, but also one of the top universities in the country. At USD the average class size is 22, so you’ll never find yourself as just a number in a huge lecture hall with a professor you will probably never speak to. The student to faculty ratio is 15:1, and 95% of our faculty holds a doctorate or terminal degree, giving us one of the most well respected faculties in the country. Bloomberg awarded USD with an A+ grade for teaching quality, as well as an A+ for facilities and services, and an A for job placement. As an athlete, you will be coming into an environment that includes many students just as driven as you—the average GPA of incoming freshmen in the 2012 school year was 3.86, and almost 90% of those freshman will stay enrolled through their graduation, indicating one of the highest levels of student satisfaction in the country. In fact, US News Best Colleges ranked us as the 14th most “Up and Coming” university, and one of the top 100 academic institutions in the country—with many of its programs rated among the top fifty or better. Business Administration at USD is one of those programs, ranked 46 in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2013 list of the top 50 undergraduate business programs—the fourth highest west coast school in the ranking. USD was also ranked in the top 30 in several academic categories in the publication’s survey of the best specialty programs, including: accounting (#29), business law (#15), international business (#22), macroeconomics (#14), marketing (#21), microeconomics (#12), and sustainability (#19). It’s engineering program is also highly rated, and thanks to a recent $20 million donation, USD will be transforming its 25th ranked engineering program into a school of engineering in the upcoming academic year. The university has hired the nationally recognized and former dean of the Arizona State College of Technology and Innovation to become the founding Dean of the new Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, and we expect the school to improve on our already successful engineering programs. Whatever academic path you decide to take, you will graduate with not only the skills needed to succeed in whatever career you choose to pursue, but an expansive alumni network and job opportunities around the world. We hope that you will take a look at our website and some of the links we have included to get a better feel for what USD has to offer you.








Kyle Bankhead
Assistant Coach
Men’s Basketball
University of San Diego



My Response Email

to kbankhead

Thank you for this email and all the emails over the past year. I actually hadn’t done any research on my own, and wasn’t even thinking about considering USD. It took awhile, but I’m glad someone like you realized my true potential as a collegiate basketball player. I always considered myself to be a top-tier intramural player, but it must’ve took determination and hours of tape to assess my budding potential since I never played any minute of High School Basketball.

I have been patiently waiting for you to send me a full-ride scholarship, but since I’ve already received a Master’s in Architecture I am not very interested in returning to a college without an architecture program.

All joking aside, I am assuming you intended to email my namesake who resides in Iowa. And in my objective opinion doesn’t provide a positive example of fellow Brady Ernst’s; however, he does “love basketball, but basketball doesn’t define him.”

Now, don’t be ashamed that you have been sending emails to the wrong person. In my opinion, Google needs to assess this situation, since all email intended for gets sent to my inbox (did you see that period between the names? yeah, google apparently didn’t either).

However, If I have been mistaken and you actually are interested in offering me a scholarship, then you can send it to the following address:
205 N 8th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715

Or if you are still hesitant about offering me a scholarship and would like to know more about me or my interests, then you can go to my website or I am about to launch a blog about architecture and the importance of design at

On a side note, I like your updated picture. Last year’s picture was a little too serious, and gave me serious doubts about joining your basketball program. Maybe if basketball defined me I would appreciate your deep seriousness of the game, but unfortunately I love architecture, but architecture doesn’t define me.

Furthermore, as a self-proclaimed design nerd, your email could use some design formatting. Your rambling paragraph with numbers and stats becomes cumbersome to read. I read about half, lost interest, and am thinking about committing to North Dakota State instead. Perhaps if you broke up the paragraph, or created a list with key rankings and statistics it would make it more legible and give added credence to all the valuable traits of USD.

Thank you for your misinterpreted interest in me and GO TOREROS!

brady ernst (in Montana)