Brady Ernst – Family Man Since 08/01/2015

wedding_smallBefore my wedding I had to slave away… working long hours… not taking lunch… but now I have a family.

It is no longer Brady+Girlfriend+Cat = 0
It is now Brady+Wife+Cat = Family Man

While my home life didn’t change, I have now been inducted into an exclusive work club that entitles me to certain obligatory benefits:

  • 8-5 work days
  • Extra long lunches for “Family” matters
  • Now the #1 priority of my life is my Family and that is OK… expected even… which is great because I love my Family! Furthermore, my job now is just a means to an end – an obligation even, and I don’t have to pretend to care because everyone knows family comes first.

    So long late hours working past 5.
    So long spooky noises alone at my desk until midnight.
    So long calling the cops because the aforementioned spooky noises were disturbingly loud and I thought there might have been a vagrant stomping around up on the roof.
    So long making the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Police Reports because the incessantly loud vagrant turned out to be just hungry crows.
    So long non-Family Man Brady Ernst.

    Now I don’t have to make up excuses to go home at 3:30 to feed my cat.
    I am a Family Man now and if my cat wants an afternoon snack, I can leave anytime I damn well please!
    The wife is out of town for the day. “See you guys! I have Dad-Duty this afternoon” – somebody needs to pet the cat and give her tasty crème crème by 3:00pm – I’m a Family Man now.

    The only burden is that I now have to update my business card and all of my social media profiles. I can no longer refer to myself as a mere Baby Architect. I now have to refer to myself as Husband. Architect. Family Man. 


    bradyernstHusband. Architect. Family Man.|1|


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    1 Technically, I am now Husband. Baby Architect. Adopted Cat Step-Father.

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        Thanks Enoch.

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