Architect Arithmetic: Frank Gehry

My girlfriend recently showed me a picture of Frank Gehry’s new facility for Sydney’s University of Technology, and I immediately responded, “Wow it looks like a paper bag.” And then I actually read the article headline and it was titled Frank Gehry’s “paper bag” business school opens in Sydney.

This made me recall an old blog entitled Architects My Ninja Please ( I didn’t really understand the point of the blog and I didn’t know what the ninjas did, but they often had submissions called Ninja Arithmetic. However, ninjas probably calculate more mathematical formulas than architects,1 and the only math architects (occasionally) use on a daily basis is converting ⅜” and ⅝” into decimal form.2

Unfortunately, the blog went down in early 2012; thus in honor of I will resurrect Ninja Arithmetic, and dedicate this week’s blog to Frank Gehry in a revised post titled: Architect Arithmetic.


Gehry_Biomuseo in Panama



1 Revit already is a $6000 calculator
2 .375 & .625


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